King Hermit Crab

hello hello !

The name's Hermit!

I'm a digital artist (8 years experience) that's hoping to become a game developer in the future.

🇵🇭 / bi / any pronounsI have quite a lot of fixations I like to cycle through from time to time.
( when I say a lot i mean a LOT )

Before you follow

Do not interact if :

> you fit standard DNI criteria
[ racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc etc ]
> you're a pedophile/support pedophilia in any way> you support incest
[ blood related, step-siblings, adopted, etc ]
> you're a proshipper / support proshipper ideology / are “neutral” towards proshipping> you are / support taylorthepastelqueen


( current/stronger fixations are highlighted )

- 8:11
- Vincent: The Secret of Myers
- SCP Confinement
- LEGO Monkie Kid ( LMK )
- The Mandela Catalogue
- Funkdela Catalogue
- Mystery Skulls Animated
- other FNF mods

Comforts / kins

( kins are highlighted )

Ryker Dublin (8:11)
Cesar Torres (TMC)
Mr. Tang (LMK)
Brian Yu (Monster Prom)
Garcello (Smoke Em' Out Struggle)
Macaque (LMK)
Arthur Kingsmen
Heath & Nina (Ironina)
Haruki Nakayama
Victor Blake (VTSOM)
Shirou Ogami
Coquetterie Dancers
Ira Blood
The Snatcher
Giovanni Potage
Randy Radman & Terrence Suave (THSC)